Our balavihar classes at Crossroads South Middle School have ended for the academic year.

Have a great summer! Will see you all when the next school year begins.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fond adieu to Crossroads

Hari OM
We can't believe it, but the last day of balavihar at Crossroads is this Sunday,June 8!
We will meet here for our final annual day here on June 22 and you have been hearing about this from us for sometime now,but what a year this has been.

The classes have enthusiastically and  successfully completed learning all the 40 verses of Hanuman chaleesa. They will chant this on our annual day along with Dhyana shloka.

In an effort to see if this blog is really serving its purpose,I am looking for parents to come back and find Uma aunty and say Rakshasa mardana vaanara rakshaka! ( your children will explain this inside joke)

Hopefully you have all registered for balavihar for 2014-2015 year at the new ashram.

Mark your calendars and attend the inauguration of the ashram on July 2,3 and 4. Guruji will be here and all of us will be blessed by the sacred chanting of mantras that will reverberate in that space for those days. There will be plenty of ways to get involved and do seva, if that is something you would like to do.The children will be inspired by what they see for sure.

All the teachers would like to express their gratitude to the parents for all their support through the year.May Gurudev's blessings be with us as we transition into our own ashram.

Hari Om
2nd grade teachers